The Lovund Rorbuhotel, which is under construction, is designed after a sustainable and innovative mindset with the use of natural materials that rethinks the traditional construction principles. When it is finished in April 2017 it will have four floors with 21 rooms and will be the first hotel of its kind in Northern Norway.

The material choice is the most significant part of the design. The load bearing construction is made solely out of wood or cross-laminated timber (CLT). By using CLT in the construction, you get a material that is 100 % renewable and binds C02 through the building life cycle. Also, the construction time becomes considerable faster because it weighs less than concrete and is easier to handle. It only took four days to build the whole load bearing construction.

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The facades of the hotel is going to be made with fibre concrete, which is created from the basic elements of the earth: mineral materials, water, air and fire. Not only does it strengthen the sustainable character of the building, it also gives it a more natural, raw and unfinished look that fits with the rustic nature of Northern Norway.

With the use of these kinds of materials we focus on taking our practice a step towards a more sustainable architecture and learn from our ancestors construction principles.

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