MAD Kitchen


Project: Mobile Kitchen
Year: 2015
Location: Copenhagen and rest of the world
Commission:  Mad Feed
Status: Schematic design phase
Design team: Project-leader Aurora Lea, Anita Valrygg,


A concept to unleash the potential of cookingImproving communities through creativity and craft

The MAD kitchen project is about creating a sustainable model and a tool for chefs to incite action within their local communities. MAD wish to establish a place to offer delicious, healthy and affordable food for all. The goal of this project is to create a ready-made kitchen package, that will serve as an opportunity for any chef to easily establish a kitchen where they can cook, earn a living, and feed those around them, anywhere in the world. Food is an amazing way to connect people, the MAD kitchen will use food as a catalyst to promote community building and engagement while also transforming the way we experience food. The kitchen will challenge the structure of a giver, taker, us and them.

The MAD kitchen aims to transform how people engage with food in their communities. Making every meal a better meal- accessible across neighborhoods – this is an opportunity for food experts and people from all backgrounds to meet, eat and learn. MAD envision that kitchens will be strategically located at the intersection of neighborhoods with varied socio-economic backgrounds. The kitchen will activate local civic assets- public spaces, communities and talent. The kitchen can plug into underutilized infrastructures and existing kitchens, or any other kind of space that is best for the particular area.

With this project MAD aspire to create maximum impact with minimum resources.

A kitchen with a low m2 footprint, with a bare bones approach to the design. We plan to only use the most necessary and high quality equipment – and try to find a balance, so we can keep a low price point while maintain a high level of efficiency. We plan to collaborate with a kitchen equipment manufacturer to help ease costs and gain insight from their expertise.