Constrast in material and shapes, which create cohesion in the design. Valplassen, Hamnholmen.

When designing buildings, we believe it’s important to look at each project through a wide spectacle lens. It is not only to design a beautiful building, but also to create cohesion with its surrounding space and environment.

In our practice, we always strive to create these holistic solutions. We want to create cohesion with the local surroundings and its unique aesthetics. Through contrasts and similarities in materials, shapes, colors, nature, and construction we explore that cohesion, unity and interrelation in elements.

Valplassen, Hamnholmen with its constrast and similarities in material and shapes.

Valplassen, Hamnholmen with its constrast and similarities in material and shapes.

An example of our holistic approach is reflected in our work with Valplassen at Hamnholmen. Here we investigated the interplay between materials of the buildings and the local nature. Built in Northern Norway at the waterfront, the private housing area is constructed with a wooden structure opposed to the sharp and barren rocky landscape. The grid-like shapes of the buildings and the edged rocks both have interesting similarities and contrasts. This creates a unique form of unity of the surrounding community and the aesthetics of the landscape.

The arcing backside of Lovund Hotel with the existing houses in the area.

In our work with Lovund Rorbuhotel, which is now under construction, we also focused on the interrelation between the selected materials and the landscape. Not only does the materials accentuate the nature but so does the shapes of the hotel. The arcing curve of the building merges with the mountain, which also is a symbol of a certain humbleness towards both the landscape and the existing buildings in the area. In that way the hotel brings something new to the space and at the same time recognizes and welcomes the existing surroundings.

These examples visualize our holistic and local philosophy to create spaces that incorporate the surrounding nature and how similarities and contrasts can work together.

Valplassen, Hamnholmen.