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STANDING in Carl Hansen and Son’s showroom in London

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STANDING combine Nordic high-end design with care for the human physiology. STANDING create an optimum working position by elevating your laptop 21 cm. The strong oak wood combines an elegant touch with great endurance. STANDING can hold both large and small laptops.

Our vision

Working on your laptop shouldn’t hurt your back. We believe in a long and healthy life where each day of working on your laptop is a pleasure.

For you

We believe Standing is the most beautiful and practical laptop stand on the market. “Standing” is designed in Denmark, handmade of oak wood. It is our ambition with “Standing” to unite a modern life style with a great working life!


Today I never work without Standing under my laptop. When I had a concussion, a few years back I clearly felt how bad is was for me to sit with my head bended forward. Back then, I had to build up a mountain of dictionaries and shoeboxes for the computer. Now I just fold out my Standing – Thank you!

Lea Mikkelsen


I work both at home and in an office. It is nice to have the freedom to work where I want. However, it is even better now that I have Standing. At first, I ran around with a big aluminum laptop stand from Apple Store. It took up all the space in my bag, was ugly, large and a bother.

Troels Øhman

Self employed

Standing is a beautiful product. It weighs next to nothing, folds together and fits right in at the bookshelf. It looks great with my MacBook. I like it that my table is not cluttered with metal, plastic and wires anymore, but now has nicely designed wood. It is all far more elegant.

Anders Halkier

Sound designer