Our Vision

When creating beautiful spaces, in our architectural work and interior design, the ambition is to put the individual in the centre of our projects and at the same time create unique and aesthetic experiences.

For us, beauty is to accentuate the unique characteristics of a place, of the local nature, cultural heritage, and architectural practice in contemporary frames.

By thoroughly analysing the landscape as context for our projects, we investigate the potentials and qualities in the surroundings as a frame for the project.


Herein lies our goal of creating the most holistic and aesthetic architectural solutions, which fuse with the local surroundings and environment.

We believe, that the awareness about resources, sustainability and materials create aesthetic and holistic architecture.

This philosophy is deeply rooted in every aspect of our design processes.


2013: Honorable mention Bodø Rådhus Competiton

2011: Sci-arc Thesis Schoolarship

2010: Eric Kahn & Russell Thomsen awarded a grant from the Graham Foundation.

2010: “Thinking the future(s) of Auschwitz” at IDEA Office

2010: ASAF Schoolarship

2010: AIA – Jean Roth Driskel Scholarship – nomination

2008: Honorable mention BAF Pavilion Competition